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Knowledge truly is power. He who knows first or learn the fastest always wins.

In 2005, after graduating college 20 years old, I self publishing my first book [Becoming a Vessel For God’s Glory]. Like most new authors, I was excited about the possibility of reaching millions of people with my book. I quickly realized that the only way for me to do that was to create a website.

With no prior coding experience, I managed to create what I thought was a masterpiece back then just to share my book with the world. I was extremely surprise when I started receiving emails from all over the world from people who thought my book was very inspiration.

After 12+ years of creating websites and training tens of thousands of students from all over the world, I’ve come to realize that in order for any business to get ahead, they need to be well informed and properly trained.

If I had someone to “school” me when I first started online, I would have avoided so many unnecessary pitfalls, mistakes and saved a lot more money. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you build a solid foundation for your business.

Core Benefits

With these values, I embrace my opportunity to bring each client the best service.

Expert Insight

Every industry is different! Get insight from an experts perspective about the best ways to reach your targeted audience effectively.


My step by step strategy teaches you how to implemented my proven system and techniques that will unlock your business potential overnight.

Quality Training

You or your team will get the best training that will educate, equip, and prepare you to become a leader in your industry with confidence.


Effective communication is the key to having a success business. You'll get tools and training to make communicating with clients easy.

Ongoing Support

With 24/7 expert support, you'll get all of your questions answered, issues solved so that you can finally get a good night sleep. Really!

Project Management

You'll be able to manage all of your online or offline projects in a secure and easy to use system. Colloborate, share, discuss and grow.

The Key Strategy

The success of your business is going to be based on how well you prepare today so that you can become the "go to" company in your industry.




When I say check list, I seriously meant – check list.

Do me a favor, look at your business right now. Just look at your revenue, your profits, your traffic sources and your on-going growth. Now, imagine if you and I sat down together for just 1 day…

Here are the areas we will dive into – all within a short 8 hour session (during this time, I can guarantee you, without a doubt – a 300% increase in your business).

Product Development Strategy

Backend Strategies & Development

Branding & Exposure

Quality Lead Generation

Social Media Impact

Product Development Execution

Profit-Generating Launches

Attracting Top Affiliates

Website Management

Niche Market Strategy

Email Marketing Automation

Funnel Strategy & Creation

Landing Page Design

Sales & Copywriting

Ecommerce Integration

I'll evaluate your business in 5 different areas

At The End Of Our Meeting, You'll Have a Solid Plan To Move Forward

1. Product Strategy

This is where we begin. What’s the right hook for your product. What separates you from the market? Also, what is the #1 way for you to deliver your product (keeping in mind back-end and future sales – this requires a full strategy)!

2. Messaging Strategy

Do you know what your specific talent is? What specific selling strategy works best with your personality? Give me 15 minutes and I can tell you with 100% assurance. We build an entire business around just that!

3. Recruitment Strategy

Relationships, relationships, relationships. There is no faster way to build a successful business than to do it through recruiting relationships. I will help you attract the best partners in the Entire Industry.

4. Execution Strategy

From A to Z. You and I will work on an exact blueprint for you to follow during your launch. Just follow the steps and your launch will come together on its own!

5. Rapid Growth Strategy

Launches are just a tool. They are not the end-game. 80% of your profits should be coming from what happens AFTER the launch – this is where I create the entire back-end with you.

How My 1-on-1 Consultation & Coaching Work


Spend A Day With Me – LIVE (In Person)

This is one of my most preferred methods for providing consulting. When we are face-to-face, we just get a lot more done. You are welcome to bring your team with you as well. There will be some exercises we ask you to go through beforehand. That way, we’ll all be better prepared for the meeting! We will spend 8-10 hours together, dedicated to your business. Typically, I find this to be more than enough. However, if you want to book a 2nd day to get the most out of our time, we offer that as well. When my assistant contacts you, just inform her that you would like 2 days.


Have A Quick Question? Consultation By The Hour

Sometimes our clients just want help in a very specific area of their business. If this is the case, you may find it better to simply reserve time with me for a few hours – we can do all of this virtually! If you are looking to simply boost a specific area of your business, I recommend going with our hourly consultation plan and upgrading yourself when ready!


Full Access – LIVE & Phone Coaching

This is by far our most popular plan. If you are in the process of scaling your business, conducting a product launch – we highly recommend you consider this plan. In this plan, you get to spend 2 entire days with me LIVE (in person). We recommend these days to be spaced apart by at least 90 days. In addition to that, for a period of 6 months, you get weekly (as needed within reasonable limits) access to me over the phone. This also allows you access to me and my team to review your business, pages, messaging, etc… I only take a few clients a year at this level, if you’re interested, please be sure to act as fast as possible. To start the process, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Someone from my team will be in touch with you and we’ll go from there!

We May not be a good fit if…

You don’t have investment capital.

The accelerated growth I can offer you would take a fair investment of time and energy on my part. Your company needs to be well funded so that we can hit the ground running. Some of my strategies will require investment in technology & marketing. I just want to make sure you’re pepared for that!

You aren’t ready to take action now!

I love working with action-takers. I care about results, and that’s what I expect. While I’d love to work with everyone, I have limited time to do so. Spaces fill up quickly and I only expect to have a few openings throughout the year. So if you want one and you’re serious about taking action, put your hand up by filling out the form.

Are We A Good Fit To Work Together?

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